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Bake our signature sourdough crust at home

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How long does it last?

Please use the kit within 48 hours of collection. The dough is freshly rolled and at optimum fermentation.

How do I store it?

Upon receipt, unbox the containers and stack in the fridge until use. Just remember to bring out of the fridge for at least 2 hours or so before use for extra bubble gains.

What do I need to cook it?

A large frying pan, approx 28cm is best, a grill or oven on full blast, a clean work surface and your inner pizzaiolo.

Should my dough be bubbling?

The dough will have started to ferment and may bubble up to the top of the container. This is perfectly normal and all adding to the flavour of your dough.

Can I freeze it?

The dough is freshly made and not suitable for freezing. It should be used within 48 hours of collection.

Do you deliver?

Takeaway DIY Pizza Kits can be ordered online via our delivery partners Deliveroo, Uber Eats and menulog within our business hours of 5pm to 7:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Store pickup is also available during opening hours.

What type of frying pan should I use?

We recommend a non-stick frying pan that is around 28cms.

Can you do bulk orders?

Absolutely! Takeaway DIY Kits are great for parties and corporate gifts. Call us on (07) 3282 7444 to discuss your bulk order needs.

Are the kits suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

All ingredients in our vegan kit are suitable for vegetarians and, of course, vegans.

Is it Gluten Free?

Whilst sourdough is easier to digest, it is not gluten free.

Can I make it another way? E.g in a pizza oven?

Yes, absolutely! The dough in the Takeaway DIY Kit is the same as what we use in the pizzeria and will work well. You can even try it on the BBQ.